Saturday, 29 October 2011

How to Stop Dog Barking with Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control

Whether you own a troublesome dog that is causing consternation in the neighbourhood with his constant barking, or you live next door to someone that has a dog that insists on barking persistently, help is at hand in the form of the Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller.
The Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller is a training aid that conditions the dog to stop barking, and is very effective at reducing nuisance barking. When the device is activated it detects the sound of a barking dog and emits a high-pitched sound that both distracts the dog, and offers a level of discomfort that makes him refrain from barking. The dog soon learns to associate barking behaviour with the unpleasant auditory stimulation that is induced, and is eventually conditioned to stop barking persistently. While the ultrasonic sound is uncomfortable for dogs, it is a very high frequency that is inaudible by humans, so will not disturb you or your neighbours, only the dogs. Unlike spray and shock anti-bark collars, which are also effective, but may cause a dog some distress, the high-pitched ultrasonic sound is more of an irritating distraction to the dog.
Being completely weatherproof, the device can be used indoors or outdoors, and unlike an anti-bark collar, it is effective at reducing nuisance barking in multiple dogs, and for controlling nuisance barking in dogs that don't reside on your property. The Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller is equipped with 4 sensitivity settings. It also has a test button, which will emit an audible sound when pressed allowing you to check the sensitivity levels and that the device is working properly.
When using the Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller outdoors simply position the device so that it points to the area where the dog spends most of his time, or where the barking behaviour is more prominent, such as the front fence or gate. Take caution when placing the device that there are no obstacles (solid fences, hedges or thick bushes) in the path, which may render it less effective. If you are wanting to control nuisance barking in a neighbours dog, position the anti-bark unit in an elevated position, such as on top of a fence, or attach to a tree or pole, and point it in the direction of the barking culprit.
The Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller is fitted with 4 powerful speakers that makes the anti-bark device effective for up to 100m2 outdoors. When using the device indoors, switch to Inside mode, where only 2 of the speakers will be operational, giving a volume suitable for indoor use. It runs on either 2 or 4 9 volt batteries (not included) – 2 batteries will give you 3 months use, 4 batteries will give you 6 months use. The anti-bark unit can be wall mounted or free standing for full portability.
If you are wanting to curb unsocial barking behaviour in dogs, the Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller is recommended as a humane option that will condition your dog, or your neighbours barking dog, to stop barking. Even when there is nobody around to correct the dog, the anti-bark device silently does the job of alleviating nuisance barking by providing automatic bark detection and corrective action to passify your neighbourhood.

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