Friday, 7 October 2011

Dog Beds

It's been a long day at work, you've dealt with a stroppy boss and fought you're way through rush hour traffic. So, now time for candles, a relaxing bath, glass of wine and then off to bed on a nice relaxing hard wooden floor. What? Well of course that's what your dog has to look forward to if you don't purchase a pet bed. Some dog owners believe that their bed is good enough for their pet and that they don't need their own. This isn't true. Just as you need your own space to stretch out and relax so does your pet. Also when you're out during the day, your dog is left alone and undoubtedly would prefer the comfort and warmth of their own bed for a nap. Your dogs comfort and health should be the most important thing on your list when you become a dog owner.

Here are a few simple points to think about when looking for a pet bed.

Check your dog's sleeping habits as just like humans, they don't all sleep the same way, and will need different kinds of beds. The bed size is extremely important to get right. In order for you to do this, you need to measure your dog's size or you can ask your vet to do it. You must take in to account your dog's length and width. Also it's a good idea to consider the shape of the dog bed you want to buy. To determine the shape of the dog bed you will need, it is best to watch how your dog sleeps; does he curl up into a ball or does he stretch out when he is sleeping? You can buy curve shaped beds as well as rectangular ones to suit your individual dog's needs.

If you have an elderly dog then you may need to look at therapeutic mattresses and beds that have supportive sides. The sides can't be too high as an elderly dog doesn't want to strain trying to look out. Padded mattresses will be greatly enjoyed by your dog if he suffers from joint problems or arthritis. There are many varieties of thick, padded mattress beds that are designed to give even weight distribution, some even come with head rests. All these elements will help with joint problems.

Don't forget that the pet bed you are going to choose will become part of your home d├ęcor. Just as you wouldn't pick any colour couch, don't pick any old style pet bed. Choose the bed that will best match the decorative taste of your home as once your dog becomes attached to his bed he won't thank you for getting rid of it because you've gone off the style.

There are many varieties out there. Listed below are some types that may suit your dog.

Sofa dog beds - dog beds that look like sofas!

Donut dog beds - soft dog beds that resemble 'donuts' (or nests), they have a larger outer raised ring so the dog can get comfortable in the middle.

Round dog beds - these are round, level, soft beds (no raised corners or edges like the donut beds)

Rectangle dog beds - Rectangular, level, soft beds (again no raised edges or corners)

Hooded dog beds - these have an 'arch' at the top that goes to the back, looking a bit like a 'hood', some dogs like to 'hide' and so these go down well with them.

Reversible dog beds - these are handy if you want to be able to reverse the bed, sometimes they have different patterns on each side.

Dogs by nature are loving, loyal pets and they deserve to be treated with lots of love and affection. Treat your pet today, with some high quality pet beds so he has the choice of your bed or his.

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