Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Alleviating Stress in Cats

Cats are independent by nature, and like to be in control of things. When they are not, they can become quite distressed. Common causes of stress in cats include moving to a new house, travelling or being crated, visits to the vet, or the presence of other cats within its territory.

Obvious signs of stress include wild eyed frenzy accompanied with the desperate need to escape; irritability, including persistent meowing; urinating or scent marking; and scratching on furniture, bedding, or carpets. Some of these symptoms are often mistaken for errant behaviour, but in order to cure the behaviour, one needs to reduce the levels of stress being experienced by your cat.

Feliway Feline Facial Pheromones (try saying this after you've had a few) is a product recommended by vets to calm and comfort stressed cats, and alleviate unwanted stress related behaviour. This product uses artificial feline pheromones that cats naturally give off from their facial area to mark a safe territory once they feel comfortable and secure within the confounds of the area. Cats do this by rubbing their faces on objects within their territory, giving off facial pheromones to mark the area with their scent, which acts like a kind of kitty comfort blanket that gives them a sense of security and well-being. The artificial feline pheromone spray replicates the natural scent that cats leave when they conduct this scent marking routine, and in so doing, offers a sense of security to alleviate stress and calm the cat down. Feliway feline pheromones offer an affective solution to reducing stress in distressed cats by replicating the cats natural mechanism that it would use to relay a sense of comfort and well-being, in order to help him deal with a stressful situation.

Feliway Feline Pheromones can be purchased in a spray bottle, which is ideal for spraying directly onto objects, for example spraying inside a travel crate to offer comfort and reassurance and alleviate stress associated with crating and travel.

Photo: Adriano, WikiMedia
The Feliway Feline Facial Pheromone Diffuser offers a novel method of keeping a well-adjusted, happy cat that always comes home to snuggle up in a cosy corner, or just laze contentedly around the house. The feline pheromone diffuser plugs into an electrical wall socket, giving off a constant burst of feline facial pheromones. Your cat will truly believe that there is no place like home.

Besides relieving stress and anxiety in cats, this product is also affective for controlling behaviour such as territory marking by urine spraying, and clawing at furniture, which are often related to stress associated with the introduction of another cat or pet into your home (or rather, the cats home). The diffuser fills the room with feline facial pheromones, and the calming action of the pheromones reduces anxiety and alleviates the behaviour associated with territory and scent marking.

The Feliway Feline Facial Pheromone diffuser comes with a 48ml vial, which lasts up to four weeks. Refills for the diffuser can be purchased separately. Feliway Feline Facial Pheromones are also available in a 60ml spray bottle and a 15ml travel bottle for easy portability when needed away from the home environment.

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