Friday, 5 August 2011

Puppy Training Tips

Now that you have chosen your puppy and have a delightful new fluffy bundle of joy in your household, you need to give some thought to training your puppy so that he grows into a well behaved dog that is a pleasure to have around.

Start with the basics of potty training your puppy, so that he will quickly learn what is required and "accidents" will be prevented. Remembering that puppies need to go to the bathroom frequently, you will need to either physically take him outside to do his business, or allow him free access to the outdoors once he gets the hang of things.

Next you will need to lead train your puppy. You need to be able to take your dog out of your property on a lead from time to time. Whether this is for daily walks, or for trips to the vet, at some point, leash control will become a necessity, and it is better that your puppy learns how to walk properly on a lead early on in life.

Puppy obedience training is also recommended. Basic commands like sit, stay, fetch will soon be mastered with proper training, and will not only make your dog an obedient, pleasurable pet to have around, but this training will also strengthen your bond with your pet as he learns to respect you as the leader.

You can take local puppy training or dog obedience classes to train your pet in a group setting, or if time is an issue to you, or there is no training classes offered nearby, then an online course or ebook detailing training techniques may be a more practical and convenient solution for you and your pup. Check out the "Train Any Pet" ebook guide that offers practical training tips using pet psychology and animal sociology to help us understand how our pets think and incorporate this knowledge in our training methods. As the title suggests, this book will enable you to train any pet, not just your puppy, but your adult dog, cat, or pet bird too.

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